Leather Notebook – Tamashee
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Leather Notebook

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For its 1441 H Accent collection, Tamashee based its product selection on the concept of nomadic bedouin travel, whose traces are evident in the desert lands of the Peninsula.

The design concept involves transcribing the name of the product in Ancient Southern Arabian script (Musnad) and then converting the script to a linear contemporary pattern.

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100% oil pull up camel leather
Contemporary pattern derived from ancient Musnad script “Muthakarah” notebook
Hijri calendar year of production printed on the right side
Made in the United Arab Emirates
Re-introduction of the turquoise color which was very prevalent in traditional attire of the Arabian Peninsula
Notebook includes 1 pad with blank sheets
Buttons for attaching pad to notebook leather cover

Tamashee Leather Notebook with three different colors


Brown, Orange, Turquoise